5 reasons why your school should ski USA

Granted, not all families can afford skiing in the USA, however did you know at certain times of the season the cost to ski in the USA is comparable to or even less than taking your school skiing in some resorts in Europe, such as France or Switzerland.  At Ski Adaptable, we simply love our fantastic five resorts on the US East Coast, carefully selecting them from the dozens on offer. They are Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Loon, Cannon and Waterville Valley. But why do we love these US ski resorts so much? Why do we think your school will love the resorts so much? Read on to discover why your school should ski in the USA on your next school ski trip.

1. Incredible Service & Experience

European ski resorts all have their own unique charms and quirks and we love them, both the good and bad. However, we can’t be the only ones who would rather not have to go into a lift queue elbows out, and we all know the ski fits can be an ordeal! This is not always the case, but it is not unheard of, let’s be honest. However, the Americans just do it differently, service which is more efficient and with a genuine smile.  Ski Adaptable Sales Director Matt Connelly commented on one experience when he went to Sugarloaf in Maine, “I was stood in a small lift queue (about 3 deep), which was fast moving (I’d been there less than 1 minute) and someone bypassed the line.  They were politely reminded of the queue, and they went to the back, whilst the queue remained in orderly, perfect lines, fast-moving and friendly – you don’t push in in queues in the US, and actually this is the only queue I encountered in 1 whole week of skiing”. 

The main aspect you will notice in our US resorts is the incredible service, genuine friendliness and willingness to help, not just from staff but locals and fellow skiers.  The overall happy, laid-back yet highly efficient pace at which the resorts move makes skiing with a group a joy, not a stress.


2. English speaking

Now this could be viewed as both a good and a bad thing. You may be taking your students to another country specifically for language skills, but for those who go to ski as a primary motive, the fact that everyone in the resort speaks English (well, American) means that the students often progress faster at ski school, you can quickly overcome any teething issues and it makes your life as group leader vastly easier.

But don’t be fooled, just because the Americans speak our lingo does not mean there is not a huge cultural difference – this can still be just as eye opening to your students.


3. Quiet slopes

Although the trend has altered slightly in recent years, most European resorts operate week-long ski break formats meaning resorts remain busy all week long. In the US, resorts are largely empty during the week with locals coming from nearby cities such as Boston to ski only at the weekend (many have resort-based condos of their own). Most of your skiing will take place during the week, and as such, slopes will be much quieter than you are used to, which is a good thing right? Some of the Ski Adaptable team remember skiing in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire and being the only ones on the mountain for the entirety of one Tuesday morning in February (perfect for beginners and great fun for the rest of us).  In addition, as mentioned above, the resort is run with friendly-efficiency which means tha the queues move quicker (if there even are any) and ski fitting, eating and everything else in resort is made easier and more amicable. One other interesting fact – the number of ski passes the US resorts limit themselves to selling per day is a lot lower than the limit the European resorts give themselves, meaning that the American slopes simply do not become as busy.


4. Great snow

If you look at the altitude stats of our US resorts in Maine and New Hampshire you may be wondering how does it have so much snow when the altitudes are so low in comparison to European resorts? However, if you are heading to New Hampshire or Maine, you will discover a micro-climate unlike anywhere in Europe. It snows plenty…and then some! Six metres or more is normal snowfall in many resorts in Maine and New Hampshire, from October till April, and the snow is different. Pure Powder! If you have not experienced proper powder before, it is hard to explain, suffice to say it's easier and more pleasurable to ski on. The low temperatures and the climate on the East Coast US mean the snow is composed differently from the snow in most of Europe.  Add to this, the US have an incredible snow-making infrastructure, even a ‘snow-flake’ factory in Sunday River, Maine (no, that’s true, Google it)! In short, ignore the altitude stats and look at snow history and you will see snow is plentiful, man-made or natural.


5. City-break add-on

Being on the East Coast, the resorts of New Hampshire (Loon, Cannon and Waterville Valley) and Maine (Sunday River and Sugarloaf) are close to the city of Boston. Boston is America’s most historic city and is an amazing place to explore for a day or two. It is normally where you'll fly in and out of, and so makes perfect sense to add to your tour to give students a truly mouth opening experience.  New York is also in the vicinity, however it can be quite a drive (American distances are predictably much longer than those we are used to in the UK).  New York can be six hours or more from your resort depending upon which one you choose. This is why we recommend Boston as your stopover choice, and Ski Adaptable are more than confident this will add a ‘wow’ moment to your trip away from the slopes.  We are giving away a FREE Boston stopover for all of our USA school ski trips, so enquire now.

Top Tip: If you have any students aged 15 or under in your group – they will pay £71 less due to new government APD tax rules, so further savings to be had for younger students in your group.

Still not sure where to take your group? Ski Adaptable will help you pick your most suitable resort, simply fill out the form below and our friendly team we will be in touch with our resort suggestions and pricing

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