Best Ski Resorts on a Budget - our guide

How to choose the best ski resort on a Budget

Many believe ‘budget’ and ‘skiing’ are words that do not go hand in hand, however if you can be flexible on a few factors, Ski Adaptable can bring the price of your school ski trip down to an affordable level for students and parents.

From the outset organising a school ski trip can seem quite a daunting prospect and there are many factors to take into account when determining which ski resort is best suited for your students. One factor that will inevitably make or break the possibility of a school ski trip is budget as you need to pick a resort that students, or more importantly parents, can afford to pay for. Therefore we always recommend having a firm idea of what students can and can’t afford first as the price of ski resorts can vary considerably.

In order to avoid expensive school ski trips that can give parents headaches and sleepless night here are some tips as a group leader to bring down the price of your school ski trip to an affordable level for your students. 

Plan Ahead

It’s a simple truth - the further in advance you plan your school ski trip the more choice you will have and the better deals and discounts will be available. Most school ski trips are organised a year in advance so be prepared to start organising your school ski trip early so you can make the most of the best deals Ski Adaptable offer.  This is simply because the earlier you book the more choice you will have (not to mention we can negotiate bigger discounts on your behalf with suppliers if your organise your school ski trip early).

Plan your school ski trip ahead for great prices


Avoid the Crowds

If you can, try travel outside of the February Half Term if possible where hotel rates, ferry crossing and flight prices are considerably higher than if you were to travel in term time or during the Easter Holidays. Some of the best prices come from travelling later into the ski season.  Many worry that snow may be an issue later on into the season, however Ski Adaptable offer some great Easter Packages at high altitude resorts where the snow is still of a high quality.  As a general rule, we will only ever offer ski resorts that have good snow records late into the ski season and if you add to the fact that you often get slightly warmer conditions, quieter slopes and less queues, travelling late into the season makes for a more enjoyable and cost effective experience for students.  Better still, travel during term time.  We realise for most schools this may not be an option, however at Ski Adaptable we are starting to have an increasing number of schools travel during term time, where the best deals are to be had.

On your next school skiing holiday get away from the crowds


Smaller and Perfectly Form Resorts

If your group consists largely of beginners, consider smaller resorts as they often equal smaller prices due to more cost effective lift pass rates. As a (very) general rule you will often pay more for a large resort so if your group is a beginner group go for a smaller resort where students can develop without having to pay extra for slopes they will not likely ski. 

>Take a look at our guide to selecting the best resort for beginners here.

Perfectly formed smaller ski resorts


Master Skiing in Five Days

The traditional school ski trips involves 6 days skiing.  However, why not consider skiing for 5 days instead, meaning you have 1 days less coach hire (if travelling by coach) and 1 less nights accommodation to pay for.  Not to mention the cost saved in ski lessons, ski hire and lift pass.  This can amount to £70-150 per student saved off the cost in most cases.  If you are concerned that this wont allow enough time skiing, then simply add an extra hours skiing each day, going from the standard 4 hours per day ski lessons to 5 hours per day ski lessons. You really can pack more skiing into 5 days than 6 days at a fraction of the cost.  Ski Adaptable always provide a cost for you on our quotations to upgrade to 5 hours per day ski lessons instead of 4 hours.

Master skiing in 5 days on a school skiing trip


Call in the Experts

Once you have established what you are looking for let Ski Adaptable do the work for you, saving you hours of research and headaches. Based on your requirements we will do the work you and offer you the best resorts at the most cost effective prices around and give you expert advice.  

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Our budget conscious school ski trips start from just £499 (based on Easter skiing in Vallnord).  Yet, despite this low-cost, you still get everything you would expect from a school ski trip. 

Our top picks for a school trip on a budget are:

Vallnord (Andorra)

BKK (Austria)

Passo Tonale (Italy)

Folgaria (Italy)

Villach (Austria)

Zell am See (Austria)


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