Easter 2015 School Skiing From Just £595!

Easter 2015 school ski trips are selling fast – but if you have not yet booked your school ski trip for Easter 2015, don’t worry, Ski Adaptable still have availability in some great resorts.  The even better news is that Ski Adaptable Easter school skiing starts from just £595 for all inclusive trips.

We realise the height and snow-reliability is crucial late in the season, which is why we have only secured availability for you in resorts that have superb snow records late in the season, with many of our records offering skiing into May each year due to the presence of a glacier.  Our great Easter resorts range across France, Andorra, Switzerland and Austria.

Availability is running out fast though, so make sure you get in touch today and speak to our knowledgeable ski team who will be able to develop the perfect Easter 2015 school ski trip.

We have a great range of resorts, with availability across the peak school holiday periods, plus some superb special offers for travel during term time.  In addition, all of our school ski trips are able to take advantage of our superb 1-2-3-Ski offer.  Browse our range of school ski trips and get in touch with the Ski Adaptable team today.

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