How to pitch a school ski trip to parents

School ski trips are a fantastically fun and educational way to take your students out of the classroom and up onto the slopes! By sending them up mountain ranges in foreign countries, you’re introducing them to a different world of culture, language and history whilst also giving them a new skill, offering them fantastic exercise and helping to build friendships and other relationships.

You know all of this, we know all of this, now it’s time to let the parents know all of this!

Communicating with parents who are a little apprehensive about sending their kids on a school ski trip for whatever reason; financial or emotional, can be a tricky job. We believe there are so many benefits to taking students on a ski trip and we want to help you to be able to communicate those to parents so that your students will have the opportunity to do so - after all, there’s no point in arranging a school ski trip if you have no pupils!


Plant the seed early

As we just said, you can’t have a school ski trip without members of the school so when you’re in your early planning process, such as thinking of your destination, this is the time to gauge your interest. 

If no one bites, you may have to reevaluate your plan - however, we’ve found that this is a rarity and often, pupils and teachers will jump at the chance to go skiing. You need to be enthusiastic from the start and ensure you have the support of staff and pupils before you then take it to the parents.


Set a budget

Understandably, there’s always a concern amongst parents that school ski trips are going to break the bank. It’s your responsibility to assess the needs of the potential group you will be taking and take into consideration how much money you think is reasonable to ask of them. 

Once you have a budget in mind (of course don’t promise any exact figures yet), you can communicate this and say that is how much you expect it to cost so that parents have a ballpark they can consider and factor into their own finances before having to make a commitment.


Pick your destination

Once you’ve selected the right destination for you and your group (check out our how to pick your European school trip guide here), you can then start to really sell your trip. Choosing the right destination for your group is important but pretty straight forward when you have all the correct information. Work out a budget, transport accessibility, age of your group, the ability of your group and if the apres ski activities align with you want and what they will want. 

Once selected, you can then pull together your reasoning behind the location you’ve picked and create some documentation on the educational and wellbeing advantages your chosen location will provide. 

Take look at all of our school ski trip destinations.


Getting a quote

Once you’ve rallied up some interest through your destination promotion, get us involved! We will listen to your requirements, ask you the right questions, advise and then discuss your options. We’ll help you to build a picture of the kind of trip you’re trying to achieve and then pull together a formal quote that you can then use to tell the school and parents. It will also become the basis of the tour agreement which secures your trip! 

We truly understand and facilitate the needs of educational travel whilst also having effective safety management systems in place and fair T&Cs for financial security. When you pick us and our quote, we can ensure that high health and safety standards are maintained throughout the trip, you will be well looked after and that all the stress and tricky bits are taken care of! You can then use this information to assure parents that the standard of a ski trip is high and that their children will be very well taken care of.


Advertising your trip 

So, you’ve got the location, you’ve got the budget, you’ve got the quote and now it’s time pitch your school ski trips to parents! (and the students too…). The success of your trip will depend on how you launch it. All school trips are dependant on the support of the students so ensure you make it out to be as exciting as possible to them as they will help pitch it to their parents too! Do this by mentioning it in school assemblies where you can do a presentation, prepare leaflets to hand out which include all relevant information such as dates, destination and cost (include links to the resort too!).

You can also put posters up on the school notice board and post on the school’s social media (should they have one) which will help to gage excitement from students and parents. If your school has a newsletter, we suggest adding in a school ski trip section to it and do so as many times as necessary to build up interest. 

Finally, hold a parents’ evening for all those parents that are potentially interested. Here, you can have an open conversation with them and answer any questions/queries they may have before then solidifying numbers. Hopefully, once you have all the information collated and can speak to parents about it, they will be as on board with it as you are!

We do hope you have found this useful and if you would like some further tips from our team, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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