The 10 Most Unique Apres Ski Activities for School Ski Trips

There is a huge amount to consider when booking your school ski trip. Budget, distance, culture, quality of skiing, difficulty of the slopes, weather etc… When booking your school ski trip, it’s easy to become fixated on certain elements; mainly, how suitable are the slopes are your for group. Whilst this is a key factor to consider when booking your school ski trip, there is an element you perhaps haven’t thought of as being quite so significant that if researched properly, could actually sway your decision…


Even though you’ll be spending several hours a day up the mountain, you will actually be spending more time off your skis than on them. This means that considering what is around your resort is super important to factor in, especially the apres ski activities. All of the resorts on our website list the apres ski activities available so we highly recommend looking through them before you book! 


If you’re looking to hear about some of the more unique apres ski activities there are available to book not only with us, but out and about in general, you’ve come to the right place…


Unique Apres Ski Activities with Ski Adaptable


Where: Andorra

What: Caldea Spa


Whilst heading to a spa might not be top of your list, Caldea Spa is in fact the perfect place to help your students unwind and treat their aching muscles! Caldea Spa is a stunning spa with beautiful architecture and a very unique selling point… Unlike the spas you’ll get here in the UK, Caldea Spa uses natural thermal water which is rich in sulphides and minerals, it’s anti-allergenic, has healing properties and is one of the most highly appreciated natural resources in the Principality of Andorra. Bring your students here for a unique spa experience that they’ll never forget - as well as allowing them to wind down and relax after a week of skiing!


Where: Sunday River

What: Ziplines


Make the most of the mountains and fly through the trees with Sunday River’s winter zip line tour. The zip line tours fly its riders (who are in harnesses!) through the trees of Maine woods as they cross back and forth over a deep ravine and stream bed. The lines range from 100 to 300 feet and reach speeds of up to 25mph. Before finishing, your students can take on the 750-foot twin zip lines where they can race against each other or go totally upside down! The twin zip lines can be done without the full tour which is a cheaper and perhaps quicker way of doing it


Where: Passo Tonale

What: Night skiing


That’s right, you heard correctly… Night skiing! Take your students up into the clouds at night and offer them a completely different experience of skiing like they’ll never have had before. Under the watchful eye of a guide, rest assured your students won’t go rogue but be able to appreciate the mountains in a new light (quite literally) and get closer to the stars than they will have ever been before


Where: Zell am See

What: Ski Show


Famous in the area, is the Kaprun Night Show which is described as ‘winter beauty meets multimedia presentation’. Enjoy the awe in the faces of your students as they watch incredible skills and acrobatics fly through the air. Aided by lights, pyrotechnics and sound systems, your students will be immersed in an incredible atmosphere where skiers and freestyle experts showcase their talent in a powerful an entertaining way


Other Unique Apres Ski Activities


Where: Les Arcs

What: Waterslide


Fortunately, not a waterslide you’re expected to do in your swimsuit, but perhaps even more dauntingly, this French waterslide gives skiers the chance to ski on water! A steep slope leads on to a huge tub of water in which skiers (hopefully) glide over! This is not one for amateur skiers! 


Where: Finland

What: Sauna Gondola


The one and only Sauna Gondola in the world gives the rider a breathtaking experience. Starting from the top of Ylläs, Sauna Gondola will take up to 4 people on a 20 min tour in a lift that is also a fully equipped sauna. The view going up to and at the top offers a stunning view of the landscape and is a one of experience that many people will never have again 


Where: Samoens

What: Skijoring


Skijoring invoices being dragged by a large animal (usually a horse) whilst on skis! Again, not for inexperienced skiers, but skijoring gives you the chance to go as fast as you’ll ever go on skis but being dragged along whilst the animal walks, trots, canters or even gallops! This is definitely not one for the faint hearted…


To find out more about our apres ski activities, click here

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