How to Pick your European School Ski Trip Destination

Destination is one of the first things you’ll need to think of when planning a school ski trip and is also one of the most important things! If you’ve made the decision to ski within Europe, rather than heading further afield to Canada or America, we have a fabulous selection of available resorts that we can tailor to you and your group. 

There are many different factors to consider when choosing your school ski trip destination and all are weighted with varying priority. Some of these key factors are:




Participant preference

Available resorts

Slope ability 


Each school has their own criteria when selecting their snow-covered mountain location and we like to think we can help you pick the perfect one for you. We have a wide selection of possible locations for you and your students, some of which we’d like to tell you a bit about!



Is covered in snow throughout the long season and is ideal for beginners! Andorra as a place is charming, characterful and great fun for students. Not only is Andorra charming, characterful and great fun for students, it’s also a hub for shopping, restaurants and age-appropriate après ski activities. If an energetic trip that will give your pupils unique experiences beyond just the ski slopes is what you’re looking for, Andorra could be the location for you! It’s also very budget friendly and memorable too and our most popular country for school ski trips.

Check out our Andorra ski resorts



Known for having a huge range of child friendly resorts, Austria is great for school ski trips. Not only is the scenery glowing with perfect snow and stunning mountain top views, Austria offers more demanding skiing that is perfect for more experienced skiers. Gliding down to the bottom of the mountain, you will find that Austria has a lot to offer off the slopes too. Austria is bursting with culture, history, music, gastronomy and idyllic villages that are great for students to explore. Here at Ski Adaptable, we can offer a few carefully selected choice of resorts tailored to different age groups, sizes and skiing abilities.

Take a look at our Austria ski resorts



France is one of the world’s favourite places to ski, and it’s no secret as to why it’s so popular. We offer trips to the French Alps and Pyrenees which offer fantastic cultural experiences as well as a variety of après ski activities! Your students will undoubtedly have a great time skiing is France and we can guarantee that our French ski packages will keep your students constantly entertained in memorable ways - from off-piste evening skiing to tobogganing and discos

Learn more about our France ski resorts



Rather than picturing cobbled streets, burning sun and beaches usually associated with Italy, imagine mountain views, thick snow, blue skies and glistening sunshine! Italy is a country of many talents and we use it to immerse your students in an abundance of culture during their ski trip. Their slopes are varied and each resort brings its own unique offering, as well as being super budget friendly. Pick the resort which suits your group best and we’ll do the rest!  From the purpose-built and beginners paradise of Passo Tonale, to the cobbled and picturesque Folgaria, to super-resorts of Val di Fassa and the Milky Way.

Find out more about our Italy ski trips 



Although not typically associated with school ski trips, Spain will surprise and delight you! With the most southerly ski resort in Europe that is also one of the highest, it boasts world-class snow that’s suitable for skiers up until May and we offer fantastic cultural add ons which make our ski trips to Spain one of a kind. 

Read about our Spain ski trips



As to be expected, Switzerland is a very popular destination for school ski trips. Swiss skiing sits amongst some of the best skiing resorts in the world and are esteemed in history. Whilst there are some very high end resorts, there are also a great selection of more budget friendly resorts that cater fantastically for school trips. Our bespoke packages offer a range of slopes, interesting culture, beautiful views and delicious native Swiss cuisine. Our Swiss après ski activities are also super interesting - from cheese making to museums, we like to think we have something for everyone. 

Find out more about our Swiss ski trips


We hope these examples have inspired you to book your European school ski trip, but if you are looking for something a little further away from home, our selection of non-European ski trips resorts are equally as excellent! Click here to see more. 


If you would also like to see our out of Europe ski trip resorts, click here

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