How to Keep Costs Down on a School Ski Trip

It’s well known that skiing isn’t the cheapest option for a school trip due to the nature of the experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to give your students a holiday of a lifetime and offer them the chance to get immersed in a different culture whilst trying a new sport and getting to witness some breathtaking scenery all in one.

However, whilst notorious for being a little on the pricier end of the school trip spectrum, there are some very simple and easy adjustments you can make in the planning of your school ski trip that we’ve listed below to help you and your students keep the costs down:


Book as far in advance as possible

Whilst we take care of your fights or coach transport for you, it’s key to book as far in advance as you possibly can to ensure the best transport deals. As to be expected, many of our groups choose coach travel over air travel due to the lower cost, however, if you do choose to fly, booking these as early as possible will make a big difference to cost.


Obviously your destination will have large effect on how expensive your trip it. When choosing your resort destination, it’s key to remember the ability of your group as well as the budget of the group. Smaller resorts are often better value than larger resorts and if you have a lot of beginner skiers, a small resort may be more comfortable for them. However, if you’re looking to go further afield to a larger resort, we have some fantastic value options in some beautiful destinations that we can help you tailor specifically for your budget and the group.

Time of year

February half-term and New Year are the busiest and the most expensive times to travel, whereas pre-Christmas tends to be the cheapest time. If unable to take your group at this time of year, we recommend Easter as your other cheaper option. The days are also longer and warmer in Easter with the added bonus of the slopes being less busy meaning more skiing time and less queuing.  At Ski Adaptable, we only ever offer snow-sure resorts so you can be sure of great skiing no matter when you choose to ski. However, if February half-term is the only time you can travel, we’ve got some great advice up our sleeve to give you best value options.

Watch out for hidden costs

Again, if booking independently, you will come across some additional costs such as equipment hire and lift passes which differ in different countries and resorts. Booking in advance would be the wiser option here if doing things independently, but we do strongly recommend booking a package deal. Our ski packages are a great way to avoid hidden costs as they include ski passes, ski equipment, lift passes, food and we even offer transparent pricing for any add-ons such as winter travel insurance, apres ski and extra hours skiing.

Borrow from friends

Advise your students to borrow as much ski clothing as they possibly can from friends and family to avoid the costs of buying expensive salopettes, thermals etc. If the age group of your children is an age where they’re still growing, this is extra important for being economical rather than buying new gear for them if/when they next go skiing.


All of our food packages are full board, which include a continental breakfast, lunch and buffet evening meal. This means that students won’t need to bring a lot of spending money for food, making it easier for parents to create an accurate budget and cheaper overall for both you and your students.

We hope this has given you some insights into how best cut costs for your school ski trip. If you would like to find out more, please get in contact with us or if you would like see our offers, head to our offers page!

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