How do School Ski Trips Benefit Students?

In the midst of all the snow we’ve been having in the UK lately, some of our minds have moved up the mountains and away with the ski lifts. For those of us lucky enough to have experienced the beautiful white slopes and blue skies that come with a ski trip, answering the question of: ‘how do school ski trips benefit students?’ is all too easy.

For a lot of people, skiing truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Although seasoned skiers may take it for granted, most people in the UK don’t get to experience the thrill of skiing down the edge of a mountain with their friends. Whilst there are a few glowingly obvious reasons as to why ski trips are good for students, we want to delve a little deeper into some of the more subtle and less well-known reasons:


Health and Fitness

Skiing is a fantastic source of exercise. When skiing you use 5 different muscle groups, several of which school children may not really have used before. Skiing, unlike many other sports, is hard to give up once you get going. Whilst you can sit out of a football match, once you’re on top of a mountain, the only way to get down is to ski. This builds resilience, quickly and necessarily building the skills needed to ski. It’s a skill for life and one that is incredibly good for health and fitness.



Experiencing a new culture in any form is always beneficial for the growing minds of school children; the more they get to experience in the world, the better. A lot of ski resorts are filled with local culture from the food, to the people, landscapes to language - all of which are brilliant for school children to learn about and get involved in.


Interpersonal Skills

There are several ways in which interpersonal skills are broadened on a ski trip. First, whilst your students are with each other for around 6 hours a day 5 days a week at school, when put with peers 24 hours a day without the sanctuary of homes and parents, relationships become different and have to be navigated differently. This can help to build stronger relations whilst picking up conflict, compromise and empathy skills.

Similarly, students will have to deal with locals and other holidaymakers day to day during their school trip, learning how to interact appropriately with a range of different people they wouldn’t usually come across.


Going to a different country surrounded by unusual landscapes and earthly formations (especially mountains!) can be eye-opening. Many of your students will probably not have ever seen the view from the top of a mountain, nor have seen what they’ve learnt about geology books in the flesh. Ski trips are a fantastic opportunity to show your students more of the world in a safe and controlled environment that’s significantly more interesting and memorable than a classroom!



Learning outside of the classroom and in the real world is a fantastic way to engage students who perhaps struggle with sitting at a desk all day, taking in information from only one or two stimuli (reading and listening). Particularly when it comes to language, to be immersed in a language of a different culture rather than reading it out of a textbook, is the best way to learn it. By taking your pupils to somewhere like the Alps, they can be immersed in a different language - something that not all students will have the privilege of experiencing.

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