What to Pack for a School Ski Trip

So you’ve done it! You’ve planned, booked and organised the school ski trip. You’ve overcome the biggest hurdle and the hardest part of the whole thing and now you can get on with the logistics, details and the more fun parts of the trip.

Knowing what to pack for a school ski trip as a teacher can be tough as not only do you have to think about what you and your staff need, but what all the pupils need too. You should be the guide for students and their parents when it comes to telling them exactly what they should pack for this trip of a lifetime.

We’ve put together a list that you can use as guidance for yourself and your students as to what you all need to pack to be prepared for your school ski trip; from salopettes to first aid kits, there’s a lot for you and your pupils to think about!


The Gear

For a novice skier, knowing what gear you need can be a bit daunting. It’s important to outline to your students that they do not need skis, ski boots, poles or helmets - these will all be provided by the ski rental. What your students (and you) will need is:

- Salopettes
- Ski Jacket (winter or spring style depending on what season you’re going in)
- Ski socks: one pair for each day you’re there
- Thermals and long johns
- Warm hat to go under helmet or when out and about
- Ski goggles or wrap around sunglasses
- Ski gloves

Recreational/Free Time Clothes

It’s important to remind your students that ski gear is not all they’ll be wearing when they’re there. They need clothes for the evening and appropriate clothing for any other activities you have planned. We recommend telling them to bring jeans, warm jumpers, snow boots and layers!


You need to remind your students to bring all the toiletries they may need but you need to pack emergency products that some students might have forgotten. These include: sanitary products, cheap bulk shampoo, make-up wipes, extra shower gel etc.


You never know what as a teacher you’ll need to carry. We don’t recommend asking students to carry rucksacks - especially if it’s their first time skiing so it’s important that you bring one to carry things that students might need (such as diabetes pack/EpiPen/first aid kit).

First Aid Kit

Although your accommodation should have one of these, it’s always a much better idea to have your own with what you think your students might need. Plasters, joint supports and painkillers should be included as well as the more generic first aid equipment.

Insurance Documents

You and your pupils will need to have these and leave them in your accommodation. You never know when someone might lose something or become ill. Particularly on a skiing holiday where accidents are not uncommon, if students need medical care, they’ll need travel insurance with winter sports’ included in it. Ski Adaptable offer the option of adding Fulll Comprehensive Winter Sports Travel Insurance for your group, but it's worth looking into whether your school has a policy in place to cover school ski trips. Either way, Travel Insurance is a must.

A list of Contact Numbers for Parents

You need to have contact details for each and every parent - perhaps even more than one. Whilst a skiing trip should always be super fun, it is still dangerous at times and injuries are not uncommon. You need to keep this list on you at all times when you’re out in the mountains and in your accommodation.

An Emergency Phone

You never know when you or a student may need to use a phone. If yours is out of battery or out of range, this could be a serious problem. Be sure to have cheap, non-smart phone that you carry with you on the slopes incase you run into any trouble.

We hope this has helped to guide you in what you need to pack for your school ski trip!

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