Key Things to Remember when Organising a School Ski Trip

Taking students on a school ski trip is a very worthwhile thing to do. Whilst a lot of planning and organising goes into making the perfect skiing trip, do it right and you’re in for an experience of a  lifetime.

To make your preparation as easy and straight forward as possible, we’ve compiled a selection of some of our best tips and things to remember when starting to organise your school ski trip.


Plan Early

There are many reasons why starting your planning early is beneficial - from ensuring students and teachers can get it in the calendar, to making sure the best resorts aren’t booked up and giving parents enough time to save if necessary. We recommend planning your ski trip 12-15 months in advance.

Work out the Needs of your Group

The type of ski trip you organise relies heavily on what the needs of your group are. Think: what previous skiing experience do they have? Do you need a resort with several different ability slopes or ones that are specifically beginner friendly? Is there a good ski school? What is the budget of the students’ families? What’s the age range of students?  Ski Adaptable consider all of this when hand-selecting which ski resorts we offer to schools.

Similarly, evening entertainment is important so work out which ski resorts might provide extra activities - anything from bowling allies to games in the accommodation. Extra activities will need to be included in the cost so brainstorm this early on.  At Ski Adaptable we offer packages of apres ski so you will know the cost upfront.

Ensure you get Approval from the Right People

This may seem an obvious thing to do, but make sure you get approval from all the right people. This kind of trip will usually have to be passed through the Head and school governors; governor meetings may only be every 6 weeks or so allow plenty of time. Also, it’s a good idea to run the idea by some senior members of staff to hear their feedback and possibly speculate as to which members of staff would like to come.

Sort your Budget

How much your students can afford is a big influencer when agreeing on a budget as this will determine the accommodation, destination, transport and length of your trip. Your budget should stretch to include as many students as possible so that you can reach the amount of numbers you need as well as giving as many students as you can the opportunity to go. Our top tip is to consider skiing at Easter break instead of half-term, we can help you select the perfect resort for this purpose with snow-sure slopes.

Get Advice on Finance Processes

Be sure to check finance processes with your school Finance Manager/bursar. This includes dates for deposit collection, how much the school can afford to give and how deposits and other costs have to be paid: transfer, cheque, a website etc,

Promote the Ski Trip

Get your sales hat on - it’s time for some marketing! Promote your ski trip as much as you possibly can so that you rally enough interest. You could mention it in assembly, put it in the school newsletter, send a leaflet home, put together a presentation to send in a school email, ask form tutors to give information, give out free snow/ski related sweets at break… Get as creative as you like!  Ski Adaptable will only be too happy to provide posters, powerpoints and more.

Keep Parents in the Loop

Once you’ve got your group together, it’s important to keep parents as in the loop as possible with all developments. Some parents may have had to really save and scrounge to afford the trip so keeping them up to date with plans is crucial for their peace of mind. You can start by perhaps creating a group email where information is sent out in bulk whenever you need, or building a webpage that they can visit which will have constant-updated info.

Having a couple of parent’s information evenings is also a good idea. Hold one at the beginning of the trip’s plans and then again closer to the time - you can also invite along the company who will be hosting your trip and give a talk to reassure parents on safety and itinerary.

Make a Trip Handbook

When it gets closer to the time, create a trip handbook that can be given to teachers, parents and students giving information on conduct, what to do in emergencies, correct attire, itinerary, what to pack and other general tips. It would be could to provide copies of this to the Head, form tutors and governors which will not only supply them with useful information but show them what a great opportunity you’ve created for both the students and the school.

If you would like any more information on the best way to go about organising your school ski trip, or would like to enquire about one of our packages, please get in contact with us and we would love to help you!

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