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Where is Passo Tonale?

Tonale Pass or Passo Del Tonale as known by locals is the name given to a mountain pass located in the Eastern section of the Alps, between the regions of Trentino and Lombardy. The village itself is purpose built along a 3km stretch of the mountain pass road meaning everything is very easy to find and everything you could possibly need is close at hand. This is also great for groups as it is very difficult for students to get lost or wonder off.  Locals tend to speak Italian however the vast majority of people are able to understand and communicate in English so you will never feel out of your depth!



How do we get there?

Passo Tonale is in a great location that is serviceable by over 5+ airports in the surrounding area giving a lot of flexibility with where you depart from in the UK and also where you actually fly into. Transfers times from these airports tend to range between 2 ½ - 3 ½ hours which is on the longer side, however, the flexibility and affordability of the resort more than make up for this.

It is possible to travel by coach from the United Kingdom, however, this would take approximately 17hrs from Calais so we tend to encourage flying though coach groups are also welcome.



What about the skiing?

Passo Tonale is a great resort for beginners offering an excellent nursery area to help you find your feet on the white! The majority of blue runs are located at the base of the mountain, just metres from the village. Once you feel comfortable, it is time take one of the nearby chairlifts further up the mountain where you will find more blue runs as well as progressively more difficult reds and a couple of black runs that will appeal to the experienced heads in your group. The difficulty level ramps up at a fairly steady pace making the resort a great place to improve your skills and offers quick progression from beginner to intermediate. If this is your first time taking a group skiing, Passo Tonale is our recommended place to start.

There is a long, very beautiful and fairly relaxing blue/red run that starts in Passo Tonale and will take you all the way to the next nearest ski area, Ponte di Legno. The first half of this run is very easy to ski so we recommend this for all groups as a way of finding your feet. Past the half way point the run does pick up in difficulty however fear not as those that do not feel confident with taking this on can always seek the safety of the gondola which stretches between the two areas meaning no one will be left behind! In Ponte di Legno the ski runs are better suited to intermediate and advanced skiers and will offer your group their first taste of tree-lined skiing.

If fantastic views are your thing, we recommend heading up to the Presena Glacier which has runs to suit all levels.



Is the snow good?

This resort is about as snow-sure as they come. It sits over 1900m high with the top lift reaching to a whopping 3015m meaning snow tends to be frequent and stays around all season.

During the day the slopes usually get a lot of sun which is always a welcome sight and does not tend to ruin the quality of the snow. The resort benefits from the height which allows it to stay open for a long season that stretch from mid-November all the way through to late April/early May.

The resort is also linked to the Presena Glacier which is open all year round and can be accessed with your ski pass providing a guarantee of great snow, even on those rare occasions when the resort is struggling!

Passo Tonale does have decent snowmaking facilities though the resorts height and snow record mean that these are not needed as much as some of other resorts found throughout Europe.



Why is Passo Tonale so popular for school ski trips?

Passo Tonale is a consistent hit with all of our groups that have visited this resort over the past couple of years. Group leaders often praise the budget-friendly nature of the resort which is helped by a great range of accommodation options to suit every groups' needs and flexible travel options which tend to keep the price low compared to other resorts that are not so well serviced.

Passo Tonale is the perfect gateway resort for beginner skiers and is highly recommended for first time groups. While not being the biggest resort on offer, its excellent beginner area located right next to the village will help students to progress quickly without ramping up the difficulty too much. The layout of the resort simply means the higher you go, the more difficult it will get.


What après ski can my group do?

At Adaptable Travel, we understand that the time spent off the slopes is just as important as that spent flying down the mountain and is key to elevating your visit from a good trip to a great one that students and staff will remember for a very long time. Thankfully Passo Tonale caters for this very well.

When in Italy, a pizza evening is almost a necessity... Nowhere does this better than Antares which doubles as a Pizzeria and disco club for your students meaning a whole night can be spent here. Located in the centre of the village, it is easy to get to and the food is excellent.

If you are looking to keep your students active, there are a wide variety of other activities including but not limited to: Swimming in Ponte di Legno, Ice skating, bowling and snow tubing. For those that find themselves longing to be back on the slopes the second they step off after a long day of lessons, the resort also offers night time torch-lit skiing on the slopes next to the village.


What’s included?

Ski Adaptable aim to take care of everything, whilst giving you the flexibility of what you do and don’t want to be included in your package. We can offer packages by air or coach, and for 5 or 6 days skiing. Our ski packages include lift pass, ski hire (helmet always included as standard) and ski lessons (4 or 5 hours per day, you choose) and we also include full board accommodation. As well as all this your student will also receive a final presentation on their last days skiing. We can offer additional add-ons allowing you to tailor-make your own package easily, such as insurance, hoodies, après ski activities and anything else you want to add to your trip.

Contact us today with your details and find out how cost-effective it could be for your group to ski in Passo Tonale.



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