All Saints School Ski Trip to Passo Tonale (Italy)

The following blog was written by Liam Murphy from All Saints School about their recent school ski trip to Passo Tonale, Italy in March 2016

The Trip’s objectives:

1. Bring everyone back safety
2. Have a fantastic time
3. Mr Murphy to gain over 500 followers on the twitter page!

Day One

We left school on Good Friday, Friday 25th March, and headed straight to Dover. After a bumpy ferry journey across the channel, we soon arrived in France. The journey to Passo Tonale flew by mainly due to ‘High School Musical 1 & 3’, worryingly too many of the students and staff knew the words to all the songs so sleep was limited.  We were soon winding up the mountain roads to the resort! We were greeted at the hotel with beautiful views of the mountain, the snow and a warm smile from our hosts.  After dinner and a quick tour/meeting we turned into our rooms for the night to get some well-earned sleep ready for the week of skiing ahead.

School Ski Trips Passo Tonale

Day Two

Staff gently woke the students up at 8am and after a delicious breakfast we headed just down the road to collect our ski equipment. Shortly after 11am we were on the slopes waiting for our Ski School instructors to arrive. The weather that day was amazing, you could see the mountains packed full of snow.  During the morning session we organised the groups, some members of our team had been on the previous four school ski trips whilst others had never been skiing before.  After a great morning of skiing we all met back for lunch.

During lunch everyone shared their stories and experiences on the snow, lunch flew by as we were laughing so hard at what was already being called the ‘fall of the day’.  The instructors were great and pushed everyone to succeed on the first day.  By the end of the day most were exhausted, but you would have never known due to the size of the smiles on their faces.        After the slopes we headed back to the hotel for a shower and warm meal, exactly what the doctor ordered.  Then we chatted in the ‘meeting’ room to share our experiences of day one.  Ellie won ‘skier of the day’, being a complete beginner she managed to conquer the button lift.  Jack won ‘fall of the day’, it turned out that Jack would be nominated for this award on more that one ocassion.

School Ski Trips to Passo Tonale

Day Three

The weather was clear and we could all take in the amazing scenery surrounding us. The whole team were excited about today, we had a taste of the slopes but wanted more!  After a good night sleep and a filling breakfast we were roaring to go.  After some outstanding skiing in the morning, the comment of the day was made by Josh “sir why did you tell Max (instructor) we were good? He is trying to destroy us”.  After lunch, Max took the top set (who had all also been for the last 4 years) to do some jumps.  They all ‘attempted’ jumps with most managing to get off the floor, but not many managed to stay on their feet……Dylan managed to produce some amazing hang time, it’s amazing what you can do with a lack of real experience and fear!  An achievement that won Dylan ‘skier of the day’.  Those who had never skied before were really starting to feel aches and pains in muscles they never knew they had.  After dinner we all chilled out on the sofa and slowly crashed out one by one.

School Ski Trips to Passo Tonale

Day Four

Everyone was a little slower waking up this morning, luckily staff were there to provide the ‘encouragement’ the students needed to make it to breakfast. Skiing was particularly exciting as some groups were allowed to go higher into the mountains and other were confident enough to go and do the 1st ‘black run of the trip. It was such an experience to see all the students fully involved and making huge progress, well done team! The weather was lovely and sunny and skiing was fab! Some of us forgot to realise that you can catch the sun whilst you are skiing Dean!

For our evening entertainment we headed out and went bowling.  It was great to get out and just relax with the whole group together enjoying each other’s company. The evening was packed with laughter and some competitive (Mr Siva) and some not so competitive (Mrs Murphy) bowling, with Megan winning the prizes for the highest score.

Day Five

Starting our fifth day skiing, I must admit that the muscles were starting to ache and the eyes were not opening as easily on the way to the slopes. However that didn’t stop the group from attacking the more challenging runs.  It was thick fog today, which was great because there were less people on the slopes, but a little scary as you could hardly see 3 feet in front of your skies.  The instructors were great, never once did they suggest we stop, their knowledge of the slopes, area and the kid’s ability was outstanding.  Lots of tips and pointers were given and soon we had all got the hang of skiing in the fog.  Evening activity was a trip out to a restaurant for pizza and stories.   The restaurant was fantastic, providing us with our own special menu and amazing service.  We were made to feel very welcome, no request was too much. Thanks Ristorante Pizzeria Dolomiti Dimaro for making it a wonderful, relaxing evening.

School Ski Trips to Passo Tonale

Day Six

The night out was actually what the doctor ordered, this morning everyone was feeling fresh.  Although it was our penultimate day of skiing no one really thought of it like that….we were too excited to get back to the slopes.  Today the bottoms sets, who had never skied before, were going up to attempt a red run; the middle two sets were off searching for difficult reds and the speed park; and the top set were just off, I have no idea where.  All we know is that Max the instructor said “Let’s go for an adventure” and the group followed!!  It was great to see the instructors expecting so much from the kids, to think some of these kids only put a set of skies on 4 days ago is unbelievable. 

The evening activity was the staff’s favourite, the quiz night-highlight of Mr Keating’s week.  The quiz generates so much energy and fun, especially the ‘talent’ round.  It’s great to see all the kids really enjoying each other’s company no matter their age, everyone was laughing with each other.  At the end of the quiz night we had the annual presentation evening.  Well done to the students who won the prizes: Liam ‘skier of the week’, always helpful and willing to pick those who fell up.  Saving Mr Murphy a job; Josh ‘fall of the week’, described as a human cannon ball destroying all that got in his way.  What is surprising is that Josh has skied now for 6 years. Eimear ‘Skier of the week’, outstanding technique.

Day Seven

Being our last day, everyone went out a little tired but ready to enjoy the last day of skiing. After both a morning and afternoon of skiing we said our final goodbyes to the ski school instructors and the hotel for their fantastic accommodation and hospitality. Having spent the afternoon packing we were all ready and prepared for the long journey home.  After dinner we jumped on to the bus for our journey back! It was a very long journey but ‘Coach Carter’, ‘Up’ and a group sing song made the journey seem a little quicker. We left the bus full of memories and I can’t wait to go skiing again next year!

School Ski Trips to Passo Tonale

It has been the most successful trip in terms of the quality of skiing and progress made by all.

Well done All Saints, you did yourself proud.  Now that we can ski, all we need to do is use the lifts and we will be ok- Mr Murphy!

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