Sawtry Community College Ski Trip

The following blog was written by Ashley Yeomans from Sawtry Community College about their recent ski trip to Passo Tonale, Italy in March 2015

Day One & Two

Friday 27th March saw the start of a long, tiresome journey to Passo Tonale. Staff and students waved goodbye to loved ones and set out for the snowy mountains. With the excitement among the students high, little sleep was to be had over the forthcoming 20 hours. The yawning and blood shot eyes were eased with the views along the way, beautiful lakes and picturesque landscape through Switzerland and Italy made the journey worthwhile. 20 hours went by and we arrived at our hotel, even the bleary eyes couldn’t disguise the eagerness of everyone to get on the slopes! On the coach you could sense the anticipation and slight fear from the 30 beginners who had never skied or only practiced in a snow dome.

Day Three

We were all ready to don our ski boots and start skiing! Once safe at the slopes, students and staff were split into their ski groups to explore the slopes beneath them. The students were split into three initial groups, advanced, intermediate and thirty beginners with the staff fitting in-between! It was lovely to see the comradery in the beginner groups with students helping each other up after falling and coaching each other throughout the morning. Passo Tonale is ideal for large groups of beginners who picked up the basics of snow plough in super quick time. As the day came to an end, the intermediate and advanced group were weaving their way down red and black slopes while the beginners made great progress on the blue slopes.
With students and staff on a high after their first day on the slopes, the evening back at the hotel consisted of bowling with both students and staff competing for the title of champion bowler.  It was a sad state of affairs when ALL staff members were beaten by Ted who managed four strikes! With both students and staff exhausted from a day of fabulous views and energetic skiing, bed was calling.

Day Four & Five

With the advanced and intermediate group whizzing and working on their technique, the beginner group was split into two groups encouraging some to work harder and others to test their abilities on the slopes. Snow plough turns proved to be challenging however the competitiveness of the students meant that huge progress was being made by all. Students were clearly enjoying their time at the resort, new friendships were being formed and laughter was had all around as students were being tested in the snowy conditions over these days. It also made good viewing watching the beginners getting on and off their first chair lift.
The next challenge came off the slopes, quiz night! From building a tower out of newspaper to guessing the flavour of crisp, students were definitely enjoying all aspects of the ski trip and thriving on being away with their peers.

Day Six and Seven

Tired eyes and heavy legs were the themes of these two days along with the aches and pains from the staff. For beginners, today was when red slopes were in their sights! Working on their parallel turns and stopping without landing on their bottoms, real progress could be seen. Students were working hard and realising that determination would eventually pay off. For the other student’s, time at the snow park was on the cards consisting of jumps and races and most importantly very entertaining falls by all.
Race time!! Students and staff got to put their skills to the test with a time trial slalom race. It was amazing to see all the ability groups mixing together to compete in the races with everyone cheering one another on apart from the staff who treated the races very seriously!
To top the seventh day off, a beautiful opportunity to hit the slopes at night. This was a first for the school, with staff cautious of skiing under floodlights. After a tiring day students applied their skills and had a fantastic, unique opportunity to ski under the stars. All students skied for the full two hours with their instructors making the experience very much worthwhile.

Day Eight & Nine

The last day of skiing was upon us and although many students were tired, the buzz from the night before skiing under flood lights meant students were all up and keen to get the most out of their last few hours. Atmosphere and morale grew even further after the morning’s photos when a giant snowball fight broke out. The last day was very relaxed and students enjoyed venturing down the sunny slopes with more recreational skiing than focusing specifically on technique. At the end of the day students were presented with certificates and reports from their instructors which were an excellent souvenir of their week. The students also thanked the outstanding instructors that were terrific all week long.
So now it was just one more small task of the long drive home. After showering and being fed, students begrudgingly filled the coach with many students saying they could ski for another week which was pleasing to hear. The journey home was very quiet and the majority of the students managed to catch up on the sleep they had missed throughout the week.

Overall the ski trip was a fantastic success without injury or incident, it went very smoothly. The college has never taken so many beginners and it was pleasing to see that so many students had the ski bug by the end of the week and have already signed up for next year’s trip.

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