Wigan and Leigh College Ski Trip

The following blog was written by students from Wigan and Leigh College about their recent ski trip to Vallnord, Andorra in March 2015.


We were all nervous and excited for our first day of skiing as most of us had never skied before. We hit the shop to gather all of our skiing equipment and headed off to the gondola, where we travelled up the mountain to meet our instructors, Niko and Nacho. To start off with we learned how to put on our ski’s and how to stop by using the ‘plough’ method. After many falls and laughs we finally managed to make it half way down the nursery slope with no falls. We then stopped to have dinner and then it was back out on the slopes to try again. We made so much progress hitting the magic carpet on the nursery slope. After some more tumbles and falls we all made it down the slope leaving our calves up there to be picked up the next day.


The group was once again split into two groups based on the ski instructor’s interpretation from the previous day. Both groups in the morning went onto 'the magic carpet' and the nursery slopes following on from the first day to continue refining the key principles of a skier. Both groups continued to improve their skills as well as enjoy each other's falls, and there was a sense of improvement in the air. In the afternoon, after lunch, the groups were divided by ability. The students who seemed to grasp the key principles of skiing travelled to the nearby blue slope in the main area of the resort where as the other group continued to refine their skills on the near-by nursery slopes. Both groups enjoyed the concept of improving further- as well as being able to go on the slopes for the first time, which the other group eventually did. Once again there was laughing, joking and good skiing on show along with sunshine and warm weather on the mountains. Hopefully another successful day to come tomorrow and some more good weather!!!


We initially started on the nursery slopes but then ski instructor nacho insisted we go up on the ‘six man lift’. The ski instructors were very helpful, which was reflected by the fact that everyone was progressing, most of us got took on to a blue slope. After a few runs on the blue slopes everyone was confident enough to do it without many falls. After lunch, seeing as everyone was doing so well, Nacho and Nico took a selected few that were confident and could ski well right to the top of the mountain. We skied down from the top a couple of times and some didn't fall but some did but the instructors helped the ones that kept falling to use the right skiing technique and after a little practice everyone that got took up to the top could ski down to the bottom with very little falls. At night after tea one of the activities that we did was a disco/party. At the start of the disco it was just us lot but then after a while another group of teenagers at the hotel came down and joined in.


At the start of Thursday we all went to the top of the 4 man ski lift to the blue slope and skied down in one group to test our ability. After this the two instructors, Nico and Nacho split the group into two ability based groups. The more advanced group went over to the six man lift and went to the top of the mountain, whilst the other group stayed on the four man lift and worked on the snowplough and turning techniques. Unfortunately on the second time going down one of the group injured her hand in an unfortunate collision but after a short trip to the medical centre it was revealed that nothing was broken and hopefully Danielle will be skiing tomorrow. The rest of the morning session was spent on the green slope near the resort. The more advanced ski group went up to the top of the mountain twice in the morning session.  In the afternoon session the advanced group went to the highest point in Arinsal whilst the other group started on the six man ski lift taking the blue slopes down to the bottom.


On the final day everyone felt like they didn’t want to go home because everyone enjoyed the trip, and it is amazing to think on the first day no-one could ski properly and on the last day we could all ski at ease, and we was able to go on the bigger slopes in Pal which was great. The tutors and instructors made the trip good because we could have a laugh and a joke along the way and we all had a smile on our face. The skiing holiday was a great experience and I would definitely go again.

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